SmartDreamers Academy is a one-stop learning center for all things hiring, talent acquisition, and recruitment marketing automation. We’ve spent years gaining expertise and accumulating knowledge about how to find, hire, and retain the best people - and we now want to share that knowledge with the world.

Each lesson will come with its own set of quizzes to help students test their knowledge and by the end of each one, they would have gained the relevant know-how needed to approach recruitment marketing in a smart, data-driven way.

The content will be structured around the four main pillars of modern recruitment marketing, with each course offering more granular and in-depth learning than the last: Attract, Engage, Convert and Measure.

Our goal at SmartDreamers has always been to help companies turn talent acquisition into a competitive advantage, and we plan to make that happen by empowering the people whose job it is to go out and acquire that talent. What better way to do that than with a little knowledge?