Course curriculum

Learn the basics of building a solid Recruitment Marketing Strategy.

  • 1

    The Principles Behind Building your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

    • What is Strategy in the Context of Recruitment Marketing?

    • Where/How do we Engage? Why is it Cool & Effective to do Recruitment Marketing on Social Media?

    • Target Profiles. Is there a Difference Between Blue Collar and White Collar?

    • Mix & Match. Open Positions vs Awareness Campaigns

    • What Key Performance Indicators are Important for your Recruitment Marketing Strategy?

    • Recruitment Marketing Strategy Quiz

  • 2

    Recruitment Marketing Channels - Pinning Down the Basics

    • Difference Between Social Media Channels, Niche Channels and Job Boards

    • Geography

    • Structure per Channel

    • Recruitment Marketing Channels Quiz

  • 3

    Targeting Parameters

    • Audience Research and How to Use it in Targeting your Campaigns

    • How to Use Targeting to Make your Recruitment Marketing Strategy More Efficient

    • Example of Solid Targeting Parameters

    • Targeting Optimization

    • Remarketing

    • Targeting Parameters Quiz

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Head of Recruitment Marketing

Tarina Pop

Turning online strategies into hands-on results. Creative thinker.